Midterms and Christmas Flight

This past week I had so much going on, its like all my professors have talked and decided to set their Due dates at the same time.

I’ve been very busy but I’m doing good in all my classes so hopefully I will get good grades this semester.

This week we are starting with some Midterm Exams so lets see how it goes.


Today Camila and I are studying at home, she is helping me with an assignment and after that we will both study a little more because we both have quizzes and exams this week. Study dates are fun.

Before the end of the week I need to buy my tickets for Christmas because I will be flying to Spain to spend the holidays there. Last year I spent those days here in Orlando with Camila and her family and it was perfect, but I feel like I should go back this winter to see my family and specially my grandmother, she really appreciates having all of us there with her in those special days.

I’m thinking of flying somewhere close to the 18th of December so that way I can spend a few days with Camila before leaving and maybe do a trip somewhere with her for her birthday (20th December). I have my last Final Exam on the 15th so that way I will have three days to spend with her before my flight.


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